Protecting Our Lakes

Valdurn's Lake Protection Measures

The VPA has instituted strict lake protection measures to ensure our lakes remain free of aquatic invasive species (AIS) such as the eurasian millfoil and the spiny water flea which are problematic in some waterways in the Laurentians.

In order to reduce the risk of spreading these aquatic invasive species, the board of the VPA have adopted the following requirements regarding the use of personal watercraft in our lakes:

  1. Minimize the number of outside boats coming into Valdurn and the number of Valdurn boats that leave and re-enter. This is the best way to protect our lakes.

  2. Do not put Valdurn boats with complex or hidden surfaces or moving parts, such as pedalos, sailboats, or boats with electric motors, onto non-Valdurn waterways.

  3. Do not put Valdurn boats onto any waterways thought to be affected by an AIS or bring any boats in from such waterways. If you must leave Valdurn with your boat, stay on waterways known to be safe and uncontaminated.

  4. Have any non-Valdurn boat or returning Valdurn boat high-pressure washed, not low-pressure washed. Wash all complex or hidden surfaces, such as bilges, rigging, anchors, chain, lines, holding tanks, paddles, oars, etc. Remove all adherent plant material. Municipally accepted boat wash locations are listed below. Please keep your receipt and any certification you are given. Allow the equipment to dry for 5 days before using.

  5. For any boat that has capsized, clean the inside also, including all canoe and kayak compartments. Allow to dry 5 days before using.

  6. The same cleaning obligations apply to any electric motors that have been in non-Valdurn waters: they must be subjected to a thorough pressure washing, as propellers chop the plant into fragments. Allow to dry for 5 days before using. Internal combustion motors are prohibited on Valdurn lakes. These have coolant reservoirs and complex moving parts that are difficult to clean.
  1. Thoroughly clean all fishing equipment including tackle boxes and other marine gear. Make sure there are no weeds or particles of any kind on them, especially no plant matter, and allow equipment to dry for 5 days before using.

  2. Do not allow any contractors, visitors, guests or lessees to put any boats, fishing gear or other equipment in the water. It is your responsibility to inform them of this prohibition, which also applies to their associates and their friends, in order to protect our lakes.

  3. Do not put any trailers into Valdurn waters and do not allow contractors, lessees, or guests to do so. Trailers catch weeds and are hard to clean. Do not put in docks, rafts or water toys from other lakes. Objects with irregular or hidden surfaces can hide weed fragments and should not be brought in from other lakes.

  4. If you are unable to follow these recommendations for pressure washing, do not do nothing. Wash, scrub and rinse your boat carefully by hand, removing all plant fragments from all surfaces, far from lakes and streams. Pressure washing would be a better way to wash boats with complex, hidden or moving surfaces such as sailboats, pedalos, or boats with electric motors. Allow all equipment to dry for 5 days before using.

  5. During and after washing your boat or equipment, do a close visual inspection of all surfaces, paying particular attention to hidden or irregular areas that can catch weeds.

  6. Please apply Valdurn boat stickers to all of your boats. Some have already been given out and we have more.

Municipally Accepted Locations to Pressure Clean Boats

Défi Sports Marine Motoneige Motorisés
228 Rte 117


Lave Auto Mont Tremblant
496 rue St-Jovite

Do it yourself as long as inspector is present, usually from 8AM to 6PM unless rain. Inspection is strongly recommended.

Garage Matte
1950 chemin du Village
Village de Mont Tremblant