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About Valdurn

Valdurn is a limited development, private domain of about 125 residences spread over 2,300 acres of Laurentian highlands in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Québec.

A former family estate with a rich history dating back over 150 years, Valdurn is a truly unique development with a community committed to protecting its environment.

All resident owners are members of the
Valdurn Proprietors’ Association Inc.

The membership is bound by the Valdurn Environment Agreement that each owner signs upon purchasing property within Valdurn.

The Agreement sets forth the conditions that make Valdurn both a people and an environmentally friendly self-governing community.


About one hour and fifteen minutes driving time northwest of Montreal along the Autoroute des Laurentides and Highway 117 and two hours east of Ottawa on Autoroute 50 and Highways 148 and 327, within the Municipality of St. Faustin-Lac-Carré, in Quebec, in an area known as the upper Laurentian Mountains. The nearest centers are Ville Mont-Tremblant (15 minutes north) and Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, (15 minutes south).

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Geology of the Area

The Laurentian Mountains area, “Les Laurentides”, is located in eastern section of the upland region known as the Canadian or Pre-Cambrian Shield that rings The Hudson’s Bay. The Shield is an ancient upland formation whose once towering granite peaks have been ground down by repeated glaciation. The “Mountains” are now rounded treed hills separated by narrow valleys. In some valleys the glaciers left behind beautiful lakes, joined by streams, in other places, lowlands with deranged water flows that form teeming wetlands.

A Brief History of Valdurn

Valdurn was originally the private Country Estate of the Durnford family of Montreal. The Durnford Family held the land for about 100 years as a forest preserve. Except for three scattered family home-steads, the land remained basically as they found it.

In 1971, the family sold their Estate to the Valdurn Realty Company. The principal condition imposed by the vendors on the developer was that property was to be used for residential and private recreational purposes only, in a peaceful, clean and natural environment.

As a result of the family’s love of the land, the Estate was spared the ravages of farming, logging and commercial-recreational development all too commonly inflicted on other areas of Eastern North America’s upland regions.

The Lakes

There are four lakes wholly and three others partially contained within the boundaries of Valdurn. The lakes are deep and clear and being on or near the height of land, some are self-generating or “spring- fed”.

The elevation of the lakes range from between 396 and 410 meters (1250’-1300’) above mean sea level (MSL). The hills rise above the lakes to about 500 meters (1600’) above MSL.

Valdurn’s lakes are for the use of residents and their guests only.  No internal combustion motorized watercraft are permitted on any lake in Valdurn. 

To protect our lakes against  aquatic invasive species, non residents of Valdurn are prohibited from putting any personal watercraft, fishing gear or other equipment into any lake in Valdurn.

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Snow cover usually settles into Valdurn by the 1st week of November and remains on the ground until the middle week of April. Summer can range from pleasant to hot. Spring is brief but intense with variable weather. The days of fall start cold, become warm by early afternoon and finish cold again by evening. The colours of fall are spectacular in their orange, deep red and multiple yellows.

Forest and Wildlife

Valdurn is a nature preserve. It remains for the most part cloaked in old-growth forest, deciduous on the high ground and coniferous in the valleys and along the shoreline of the lakes. A vast array of bird species can be seen, including herons, loons, ducks, hawks, and owls to name a few. Deer, fox, rabbit, muskrat, otter and many more wild animals are often spotted on walks or even from windows.

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There are about 125 resident owners in Valdurn. The majority of owners hail from Quebec and Ontario. But Valdurn has resident owners from as far west in Canada as British Columbia and from several of the United States and Europe.

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