The Valdurn Concept

"A Lifestyle in Harmony with Nature"

All resident owners are members of the Valdurn Proprietors’ Association Inc. The membership is bound by the Valdurn Environment Agreement that each owner signs upon purchasing property within Valdurn. The Agreement sets forth the conditions that make Valdurn both a people and an environmentally friendly self-governing community.

  1. Lot Superficial area
    • Between 2.5 and 5 acres.  
  1. Lot Lake frontage
    • Between 250 and 400 feet.
  1. Lot Usage and Buffers
    • Single family residential only.
    • Short term rentals are not permitted.
    • No building of any kind is permitted 22.5 meters (75 feet) from lot boundaries or the lakes. Even tree cutting is forbidden within the 22.5 meter (75’) lake buffer.
    • Swimming pools, pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers are not permitted.
    • The use of salt is not permitted on the road system or on private driveways or walks.
    • Minimal use of outdoor lighting or spotlighting of properties is strongly encouraged to protect wildlife and avoid light pollution of the night sky.
  1. Road Access and Utilities
    • Private road system with one entry point reaches all lots.
    • Electricity provided to the lot boundary.
    • Septic tank cleaning schedule.
    • Water may drawn from well or lake at the option and expense of the owner.
    • Recycling and Refuse located near the entrance.
  1. Lake usage
    • Swimming, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling and fishing.
    • Lac Cornu and Lac à Caille are “stocked” with trout at community expense.
    • Gasoline powered watercraft and seaplanes are not permitted. (enforced by municipal bylaw as well)
    • With the exception of a floating dock, no structures are allowed to protrude past the shoreline.
  1. Backland unsubdivided acreage
    • Private residential lots are situated with some minor exceptions between the private road system and five of the lakes.
    • The balance of Valdurn is called “ The Backlands”.
    • Each Valdurn resident has an indirect interest in the backlands.
    • The bylaws of the The Valdurn Proprietors’ Association Inc. mandate that the back lands are to remain in perpetuity in a natural state to serve as green space for the enjoyment and to secure the peace and tranquility of all residents of Valdurn.
  1. Backland usage
    • There is a system of trails for cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and hiking.
    • No other use is permitted. Tree cutting and “forest management” is strictly prohibited.
    • Hunting is strictly prohibited.
    • All motorized off road and all terrain vehicles are strictly prohibited within all of Valdurn.

Our Board

The Valdurn Proprietors Association is is governed by a board of directors, elected annually at the annual general meeting of the association:

VPA Board of Directors 2020-21

    • William Orr – President
    • Réjean Robitaille – Treasurer
    • Mark Beaudet
    • Richard Bolton
    • Catherine Bond
    • Josée Gravel
    • Anne-Catherine Lafaille
    • Hillel Rosen
    • Pierre Ruel
    • Mitch Shiller
    • Steven Victor